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Standard Operating Procedures SUCK

Important workplace procedures languishing unread in a dusty binder or ignored intranet knowledgebase? If so, we’d love to hear your struggles—tell us your SOP story!

TaskTrain is web app that turns procedures into actionable checklists with embedded training and then integrates them into everyday workflow. We need your input to guarantee a great product. Nothing to sell (we’re still in alpha)—simply seeking ~20 minutes of time to glean insight from leaders actively involved in improving team task coordination and service delivery quality.

TaskTrain is especially suited for growing distributed/virtual teams in SME service organizations, but can provide tremendous value for any service-delivery organization with:

  • repeating, multi-step, interdependent, manual processes
  • distributed, low-skilled, high-turn-over, or rapidly growing workforce
  • high impact for errors
  • quality/safety culture

If you’re a leader of a workgroup or organization with any of those characteristics who’s seeking better ways to coordinate team tasks, provide just-in-time team training, or deliver consistently high quality service, please reach out by completing the form below. We’ll get back to you to set up a ~20 minute videoconference at a mutually convenient time (and only to do so—no spam, no sales pitch).

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